If you’ve experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual violence, please know that what happened is not your fault. You deserve safety and respect, always. You may be experiencing a wide range of feelings such as shock, fear, disbelief, recurring memories, outrage, confusion, sadness, despair, and anger. All of your feelings are valid. Whether you tell someone, who you tell, and how you tell your story is entirely your decision. Regardless of what you decide, there are many people at UC Berkeley who are committed to helping students, faculty and staff.


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Medical Care

Urgent Care at the Tang Center

Hours, Location, and Contact Information


The Tang Center provides general medical care for students, regardless of insurance status. Faculty and staff who have been hurt during the course of their employment may also receive treatment at Tang. The Urgent Care Clinic is a drop-in service, meaning that people in need of immediate medical attention may be seen there without an appointment.

Tang Services include:

  • Assessment and treatment of injuries
  • Testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV; emergency contraception
  • Arrangements to go to a locally designated medical center for evidence collection*
  • On-site counselors to discuss options, provide emotional support, and help with academic accommodations, if needed.

*The Tang Center is not an "evidence collection" site, meaning that it is not equipped to perform forensic exams and preserve physical evidence of a crime. However, the Tang Center will make arrangements for people seeking forensic exams to go to Highland Hospital, which houses the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) for adults in the Berkeley/Oakland area.

Please Note: State law requires all medical providers to report suspected violent injury to law enforcement. It is your choice whether or not to participate in an investigation.


When Tang is closed, you can find support at one of these local resources:

  • Bay Area Women Against Rape: (510) 845-7273
  • Sexual Assault Hotline at Highland Hospital: (510) 534-9291
  • Highland Emergency at (510) 437-4559 x7
  • Tang After-Hours Assistance at (510) 643-7197

About Medical Care after Sexual Assault:

Your physical and emotional safety are first and foremost. Make the choices that feel best for you.

Some medical concerns may not be immediately apparent, such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), internal injuries and pregnancy. Even if you do not wish to have a doctor or nurse collect evidence for an investigation, seeking prompt medical evaluation may be beneficial. Some medications, such as emergency contraception, are most effective when administered as soon as possible. If you think that you may want to pursue criminal charges immediately or in the future, a forensic exam conducted soon after an assault may yield valuable evidence.

  • If you're interested in having a forensic exam:
    • It's best not to shower, bathe, wash your hands, eat, drink or brush your teeth. 
    • If possible, place each item of clothing in a separate paper bag (no plastic).
    • Leave the area where the assault occurred undisturbed.
  • You can call 911 for a police response and accompaniment to medical care. Evidence collection is done in the county where the assault occurred, usually within the first 72 hours following an assault (the earlier, the better).



University Health Services offers students after-hours emergency consultation with a counselor 
and crisis resource referrals by calling (855) 817-5667.